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Kill That Vicious, Ferocious…..Pillow?

October 27, 2013
The Sleepy Prince

The Sleepy Prince (Photo credit: Kimli)

Spoiled Cats

Spoiled Cats (Photo credit: Kimli)

The cooler autumn weather has turned Selleck into “HYPER CAT” (AKA “Speed Demon”). He is darting around the trailer, and attacking everything that moves (mainly me)and some things that don’t. This morning he decided that the small throw pillow that I have on my the back of my chair was a vicious, ferocious enemy that needed to be destroyed. He pounced on it, grabbed it with his front feet, bite it, growled, and started to kick it with his hind feet. He mauled the poor defenseless pillow for a good three to four minutes. Finally satisfied that it had submitted, he collapsed on top of it and took a well deserved nap. Luckily, the only damage he inflicted was a wet spot were he drooled on it when he was biting it. I have several small scratches on my hands where he has dug me the past few days. He has also nipped me once or twice. Thankfully he hasn’t broken the skin. I’m hoping he’ll calm down soon. Just in case I’m fishing his toys out from underneath the furniture as soon as I go off-line. I’m also going to get out his fish-on-a-pole toy and play with him for a while. Emily

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