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Halloween Aliteration: A To Z

October 27, 2013
Halloween (2 be or Not 2 be)

Halloween (2 be or Not 2 be) (Photo credit: Erwss, peace&love)

Angry Abominations attack,
brutal Beasts battle,
cruel Creatures crucify,
dangerous Demons dance,
evil Ectoplasm explodes,
fiendish Freaks flay,
gruesome Ghouls gobble,
horrible Harpies hack,
ignoble Imps ignite,
jealous Jezebels jitter,
kinky Kelpies kick,
lurking Leviathans lunge,
manic Monsters menace,
nasty Nymphs napalm,
oafish Ogres outrage,
pitiless Pixies prance,
queer Quasimodos quarrel,
rude Rabble ricochet,
shrill Shifters scream,
tricky Trolls trounce,
ugly Urchins ululate,
vicious Vampires vaporize,
weird Witches wallow,
xenophobic Xanthippes x-ray,
yucky Yahoos yammer,
zealous Zombies zap.



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