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Willow Tree Removal

December 10, 2013
English: Beeston Lads Club - 14th Dec 07 Two w...

English: Beeston Lads Club – 14th Dec 07 Two workers in a cherry-picker saw through the roof timbers to allow the removal of the next metal truss. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 Lots of activity yesterday and today from 8am to 4pm. A tree removal company was taking down the two willow trees , one on each side of my driveway. They needed to be removed, they have been badly rotten for several years. I had to go out earlier and some of the larger branches had holes bigger than my fist running through their cores. Much safer for them to be brought down by skilled professionals than left to fall and maybe crush someone’s trailer (probably mine). It is a quite a noisy process however. The cherry-picker goes: “Vroooom! Vroooom!”, the chainsaw goes: “Buzzzzz! Buzzzzz! Buzzzzz!”, the woodchipper goes: Whirrrrrr! Whirrrrrr!”, and the dump truck goes: “Beeeep! Beeeep! Beeeep!” when it backs up. Then there are “Thumps!” and “Thuds! when large branches and pieces of the trunks are dropped. Poor Selleck has been hiding under the bed, he hates all of the noise. I have found it hard to concentrate with all the racket. Hope fully they will be finished tomorrow or the next day. Emily


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  1. Hope everything’s coming out properly and the world is growing quieter in your life! As a tree lover myself, I understand that there are times when removal is the only proper solution for safety, often of other trees and certainly of people, pets and property, when the tree becomes too old or diseased to be stable. After all, even Mother Nature cuts them down in their apparent prime, sometimes! (But I always hope that any tree that must be sacrificed might get a new baby sibling or two planted somewhere they are needed and helpful too! 😉 )

    • emilykarn permalink

      I’ll have to check with the park manager this spring. I know you can plant flowers and shrubs, I’m not sure about trees.

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