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Freedom of Choice

Charting my own path

Going against the grain

Waltzing around the world

Spinning in circles on the ground

Means everything to me.


In response to 20141026: day 299
Today’s words: waltz, charting, means, ground, against




Rest your voice

Sit in silence

Take some time away

From the hectic pace

Of your frenetic life style

A reminder of simpler days

When nature not technology

Was the star feature.


In response to 20141025: day 298
Today’s words: voice, rest, reminder, away, feature

Rising Tides

Rising Tides (Destroyermen, #5)Rising Tides by Taylor Anderson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In a parallel universe, Lieutenant Commander Matthew Reddy and the crew of USS Walker continue their battle for both freedom and survival, but the stakes have become much more personal…

Reddy has found an unlikely but invaluable ally in Commodore Jenks of the New Britain Navy. And now they are united in their desire to hunt down the traitor who abducted two women both men would die to protect: Reddy’s love, nurse Sandra Tucker, and young Princess Rebecca of the New British Empire.

But first they have a battle to win.

However, this battle will not be fought with broadsides and broadswords, but with cunning and intrigue. for when Reddy and Jenks report the situation to the New British Company, they are met with scorn and disbelief. It soon becomes obvious that the ruthless Company is attempting to overthrow the Imperial Throne – and that someone involved knows where Sandra and Rebecca are.

From the halls of power to the ballrooms of the nobility, Reddy must navigate through a tempest of politics, deception, and betrayal if he is ever going to save the hostages and live to fight another day.

The excellence of the series continues ‘full-steam’ ahead with magnificent battle scenes and political intrigue.

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Product Studies


Product studies have revealed

That you can’t rely solely on statistics

And brandname recognition

To last over time

Anything can and does happen

In a packed and competitive market.


In response to 20141023: day 296
Today’s words: anything, time, packed, brand, statistics

Serial Lives

Tomorrow  always brings

The next installment

In the serial stories

Of our obscure lives

Join the line-up

With your own cast

Of weird characters.


In response to 20141022: day 295
Today’s words: tomorrow, serial, our, obscure, join

Modern Manners

Show some grace

Disconnect from social media

During meals and conversations

It’s little enough to do.

In response to 20141021: day 294
Today’s words: grace, little, disconnect, during, enough

Real Estate Blues

It showed up on my porch at the most inopportune time. I had just finished showing the house to an interested young hip urban couple when it came steaming and whistling down the path. An enchanted fifty-gallon cloisonné teapot scampered up my steps, perched itself on my porch and perkily began to sing in an high-pitched off-key soprano. “I’m a little teapot, short and stout…

The couple paled slightly and gulped.

“Take no notice of that.” I said waving my hand dismissively at the teapot.”My neighbor, Doctor Von Brauch has his own lab and likes to tinker, sometimes his creations get away from him, but I assure you that they aren’t the least bit dangerous.”

I led the way to their car which they had parked at the curb.

Just then a hedgehog went trundling down the sidewalk. “Hi folks, how’s it going?” He said plodding on steadily.

They blinked after him in stupefaction.

“That’s my other neighbor Harvey.” I chirped brightly.

“But … but, he … he’s a hedgehog and he spoke.” the woman stammered.

“Yes he does speak, he’s completely harmless, and just think of all of the insects he eats daily.” I smiled brightly.

They had just gotten into their car when “Kaboom!” A sonic boom burst the stillness. A strong gust of wind rocked the car on its tires and a thick white contrail formed above the block.

“What was that?” The man demanded, while his wife cringed in the car beside him.

“Oh, that would be Mr. Flannery from across the road. He’s a real superhero, always rushing off to save someone in peril. He’s in charge of our local neighborhood watch in his spare time. We have a very low crime rate in this area.” I confided.

This final revelation was just too much for them, with a muttered utterance by the man of,  “We’ll get back to you, it’s a big step, we need to think about it some more.” He started their  economy car  and sped away.

I sighed sadly, realizing that thanks to my crazy neighbors I’d lost yet another potential sale. I cursed under my breath. I really, really hated living in Fantasyland Estates.


358 Words in response to Finish That Thought #2-16, Special Challenge: Use at least THREE of the following:
egret, contrail, butterfly net, hedgehog, teapot, petrichor, spiral

Used: teapot, hedgehog, contrail

Cost Of Celebrity

Public opinion follows

Even their smallest movement

Unable to delay

Any unpleasantly close encounters

With rabidly pursuing paparazzi.


In response to 20141020: day 293
Today’s words: unable, delay, following, close, public

Distant Thunders

Distant Thunders (Destroyermen, #4)Distant Thunders by Taylor Anderson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In the aftermath of the terrible battle in which the men of the destroyerWalker and their Lemurian allies repelled the savage assaults of the Grik, Reddy is shocked by the arrival of a strange ship captained by one Commodore Jenks of the New Britain Imperial Navy – an island nation populated by the descendants of British East Indiamen swept through the rift centuries before.

With the Walker in dry dock undergoing much-needed repairs, Reddy has a great deal on his plate already. For the Grik have only been fended off, not defeated, and Reddy will need all hands on deck to fight them when they next attack. But Jenks’s uncertain loyalties make Reddy question whether he can trust the man.

As tension between the Allies and the Imperials mounts, Reddy will come to realise that his suspicions are not misplaced…and that a greater danger than the Grik is closer than he ever suspected.

Filled with gripping action and riveting battle scenes, an outstanding tale of a cross-time shipwreck.

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Time revealed the fissures

In our relationship

I called out in sorrow

And treated it with a pity party

Along with loads of chocolate.


In response to 20141019: day 292
Today’s words: reveal, fissure, calling, along, chocolate