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Prince William In A Can

October 18, 2014

The apprentice magician ripped open the packaging of his latest postal delivery. Yes! It was the first installment of Woldfring’s Complete Fantasy Realm. A gleaming enameled cylinder of brass was revealed. Bright gold lettering spelled out PRINCE WILLIAM IN A CAN (some assembly required). He popped open the top and spilled out the contents. A sheet of paper fluttered out along with the nude body parts, bundles of labeled colored pins, and sumptuous clothing.

He unfolded the paper, it’s title was Instruction Manual for Prince William In A Can

  • 1. Sort contents of kit according to chart.

Impatient the apprentice ignored this step.

  • 2. Attach left arm B to torso at slot B.

He grabbed an arm and crammed it into place.

  • 3. Attach right arm C to torso at slot C

The second arm was shoved into its slot.

  • 4. Attach left leg D to torso at slot D.

He thrust the leg into its location.

  • 5. Attach right leg E at slot E.

He slammed the other leg into the torso.

  • 6. Attach head A to torso at slot A.

The apprentice cursed the stubborn piece until it finally locked into position.

  • 7. Select hair color pin F and insert into head at hole F.

He grabbed a yellow pin and viciously stabbed it into place.

  • 8. Select eye color pins G and place in holes G.

The apprentice fumbled with the tiny pins. He picked two pins at random and poked them in the holes.

  • 9. Choose desired body color pin H and place in hole H of torso.

A brown pin was jabbed into the belly button.

  • 10. Dress prince in desired outfit.

Furiously he pulled pieces of clothing over the body.

  • 10.Speak incantation to bring prince to life.

Trembling with eagerness the apprentice choked out the tongue-twisting syllables. Colors bloomed and flowed over the figure. It took a deep breath and moved.

The apprentice frowned and scratched the downy beard he was trying in vain to grow. Something wasn’t quite right. He thought and then it came to him, the right and left legs had been switched around, the hair was a mass of pure gold, the body was made of bronze and the Prince had mismatched eyes: one dark blue, the other dark green. Oh well, it would have to do. It was good enough to pass the level after all.

His poor Prince William was left to waddle around awkwardly for the rest of his days.

In response to Writing Challenge: Genre Blender
I decided to have some fun with this piece and choose to use Sci-Fi/Fantasy and Instructional.

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