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Bridge To The Stars

October 14, 2014

“It is time to make the announcement.” Her aide handed the President the hardcopy of her speech, adjusted the microphone and then scuttled clear of the camera’s view. Sharp-eyed, black suit clad Secret Service men and red-uniformed Royal Canadian Mounties scanned their surroundings constantly.

President Hilary Clinton fidgeted slightly, adjusting the lay of the beaded necklace of pearls that hung around her neck. She raised the glass of tepid water from its place on the podium and took a sip. The wind from off of the lake ruffled her hair and flags snapped in the breeze.

The director of the news camera crew raised his right hand. “In five, four, three, two, and you’re live on air Mrs. President.” He said, hand slashing down.

“My fellow Americans as you know, our country’s and Canada’s best and brightest minds have been engaged these past ten years in an unprecedented union between governments, technologies, and the sciences in pursuit of the fulfillment of the greatest vision ever conceived of by mankind. It is with great pride that I stand before you with Prime Minister Stephen Harper, here in Winnipeg, Manitoba on this momentous occasion, and announce the grand opening of the NorAm Sky Bridge.” She raised her left hand a waved it at the massive column of the gleaming space elevator behind her.

The audience clapped, yelled, and whistled. She waited until it was mostly silent. “And now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the envelope if you please…” Her aide handed her the gold embossed vellum envelope. The President slowly raised the flap, drew out the piece of paper tucked inside, carefully unfolded it, and read the contents aloud. “The winner of the North American essay contest to cut the ribbon and be the first civilian to ride on the NorAm Sky Bridge is”, she paused briefly increasing the suspense,  “Miss Betsy O’Connell from Boston Massachusetts! Please come up to the podium Betsy.”

Wild cheering erupted from the crowd. A blushing sixteen year-old with blond hair, blue eyes and a trim figure nudged her way forward through the crowd, climbed up the steps and took her place beside them.

Perfect, just perfect. Thought the saboteur. This moment will play for days on every media source in existence on this planet. The girl raised the over-sized scissors in both hands and snipped the ribbon cleanly in half. The saboteur pressed the gigantic red button that triggered his device.

KABOOM! A series of explosions rippled down the length of the cables. Metal groaned, ceramics shattered, plastics fractured, and the elevator buckled to the ground crushing the crowd into a gory paste.

That out to put these hairy apes back a few decades. The PR^%$@STHCK Empire doesn’t need any competitors. Emotionlessly the alien packed up his gear and stepped into his spacecraft. I hope that I don’t have to come back here anytime soon, this planet is such a mud ball. He thought coldly as the Earth receded behind him in his rearview screen.


497 Words in response to Finish That Thought #2-15, 500 word limit, mandatory first sentence, Special Challenge: Include a beaded necklace, a bridge, a glass of water, and an envelope.

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