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September 26, 2014

Typhoon Maid Thursday. CC photo by Shijo Moriwaki.

Thursday sighed heavily staring out over the water, she had a big task ahead of her. She really needed the work, and this was the only slot available, but being a Typhoon Maid was far from her dream job, at least it got her off of the cramped orbital. Despite the stomach turning stench, the air here was slightly fresher than the station’s. She examined her supply list:

    1. A heavy-duty hose connected to a super-duper power washer Check.
    2. Hundreds of thousands of gallons of industrial strength bleach Check.
    3. Cute black umbrella to keep of the acid rain Check.
    4. Sexy short black maid’s uniform trimmed with white lace Check.
    5. Black-and-white stripped knee socks Check.
    6. Shiny high-heeled black shoes Check.
    7. Today’s inoculation badge prominently displayed Check.

Well she had better get to it, cleaning up after the death of all the people left on the world was not going to be easy.


159 words in response to Flash! Friday-Vol 2-42, 150 word limit (10-word leeway), Dragon’s Bidding:Include a death

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