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September 20, 2014

Song of the Waves

Song Of The Waves by Anne Hampson, ISBN 0-373-70709-6

To her fellow passengers on the luxury cruise, Wendy Brown appeared to have everything going for her. She was young, beautiful, wealthy and fun-loving.

They’d have been shocked if they’d known Wendy’s secret. But she had vowed to tell no one what had changed her life.

Yet, loving Garth Rivers, knowing that he loved her, how could she let him go on believing they had a future together? For Wendy, there was no future at all!

The heroine Wendy Brown discovers she has an inoperable brain tumor. On her Doctor’s advice she sells her house and books a four-month long cruise. She falls in love with Garth Rivers, a man so cynical, that she believes that he won’t mourn her loss. She learns that he loves her and wants to marry her. Wendy breaks up with him and plans to leave the ship at the next port. Unfortunately, her condition takes a turn for the worse, and she collapses in front of him. The ship races for Los Angeles with Wendy barely clinging to life. There’s a touching deathbed scene where Wendy explains herself to Garth. He reveals that he’s a neurosurgeon and orders her to hold on. He operates on Wendy saving her life. Six months later they marry.

Published in 1976, this is a sweet and innocent love story while also being a real tear-jerker. I read it whenever I feel the need for a good solid weep.


In response to Daily Prompt: Moved to Tears
Do movies, songs, or other forms of artistic expression easily make you cry? Tell us about a recent tear-jerking experience!


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