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Ahoy Me Mateys

September 19, 2014

Today be talk like a pirate day!
Avast hauling ye scurvy bilge rats
Weigh anchor or I’ll give ye a taste o’ the cat’o’nine tails
Look lively there or ye’ll meet the gunner’s wife
Swab the decks ye boot scrappin’s
Shiver me timbers
Time to walk the plank
Yer about to be keelhauled
Prepare to be boarded
C’mere, me beauty
Gi’ me a loud Aye aye sir!
Let’s see what crawled out o’ the bung hole
Drink up the grog be on me!
Smartly now me lads
Dance the hornpipe ye lubber!
Ye want to parley?
Hard to starboard helm alee
Yon big blow be c’ming up fast
Climb those shrouds
Lest ye feel me belayin’ pin agin yer noggin
Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum


From → Poetry

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