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GreetingZZ EarthlingZZ

September 17, 2014

Honeybee landing on milkthistle02.jpg

We lived in a very traditional suburb, one of those 1960’s developments filled with rows of cookie-cutter houses. Our block’s biggest standout was the Fredrickson’s who left their Christmas decorations up year round. So when we saw the construction crew building the geodesic dome on the empty lot next door we were consumed by curiosity. What would our new neighbors be like? Who would be so daring as to live in such an outrageous house? We waited impatiently for them to move in.

Late afternoon, someone knocked at the door. I opened it and my jaw dropped. A pair of fuzzy, black and yellow striped, antenna waving, six-limbed, double-winged, four-foot tall beings with compound eyes stood there. “We’re you new neighborZZ. I’m ZZorgia, thiZZ iZZ my daughter ZZillian. We ZZeem to have run ZZhort of supplieZZ. Could we borrow a cup of ZZugar?” One of them buzzed.

I gulped, staring at them. Good manners came to my rescue. “Sure, no problem, let me get it for you.” I scoped the sugar into a Tupperware bowl, snapped on the lid, and gingerly passed it to them. The mother’s exoskeleton grasping digits were chilly and hard, but griped my hand gently.

“ThankZZ!” Their wings hummed, lifting them slightly as they skittered away, sharply pointed stingers waggling from their behinds.

“I met our new neighbors today sweetie.” I announced later that evening at supper.

“That’s good dear, what were they like?” My husband absently said from behind his tablet.

“Very nice considering that they were giant bees.”

“Giant what?!” He asked startled.

“Bees. You know, the insects that live on pollen and nectar and make honey and wax. I wonder if they’ll sell me some?”


In response to Writing Challenge: That’s Absurd
For this week’s writing challenge, add a dash of magic and a touch of surrealism to your writing.

  1. Well, the good thing is that you can get fresh honey from next door! 🙂 Nice story!

  2. Deliciously surreal! ;-D

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