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The Vision

September 16, 2014

The Nortern sea churned violently under a ominous darkly clouded sky. Massive rolling waves pounded ferociously upon each other. The winds swirled and gusted wickedly, constantly changing direction. Thunder exploded continuously as huge bolts of lightning flashed endlessly. Sleet poured down in torrents.

A tiny wooden ship rode the heaving brine, plunging bravely over the alternating crests and valleys. Every scrap of canvas had been securely lashed down. Four burley men wrestled with the helm with all their might, seeking to steer the ship to safety.

“BOOM!” The sulphuric blast struck the tallest mast. With a terrible groan it cracked at its base and toppled over the port side. The far end dug into the seething water. Acting as an anchor it jolted the ship, changing her orientation. Instead of facing the smashing waves head on, she was suddenly turned sideways to them.

A series of gigantic waves gathered in the distance, piling up higher and higher. Sweating seamen furiously chopped desperately at lines and wood with razor-sharp axes and knives. The waves raced towards the ship, gaining speed. “Hurry men, if you value your lives, hurry!” The Captain bellowed. The shrouds parted and the ship surged forwards. “Steer her into the wind!” The Captain yelled. The helmsmen grunted with effort as they strained to obey. Slowly the ship’s bow began to swing around.

The storm struck. Maliciously the first wave broached the ship’s side. She tipped over on her side. She paused, then began to come upright. The second wave smashed into her. She rolled over further. The third wave engulfed the ship. She turned upside, exposing her copper-sheathed keel and dove deep into the ocean, sinking. A few faint, despairing screams were expressed by the crew and passengers as the hungry waters swallowed them.

I screamed in pain dropping the silver chalice and slumping limply to the Temple floor. Merciful oblivion grasped my being.

Consciousness returned. “Maeve!” Someone was shaking my shoulders. I felt a light slap on my cheek. “Maeve, what happened girl?” The High Priestess sternly demanded.

My eyes popped open, swimming with tears. “They’re dead! They’re all dead!” I screamed at her.

“Calm yourself.” She commanded. “Who is dead?”

“My cousin William, his wife, his sons, the other passengers, and the entire crew!” I sobbed bitterly.

“What passengers and crew? How do you know that they died?”

“The passengers and crew of the vessel Storm Petrol out of Eastshore Bay, Aertathia. There was a storm, a terrible storm. Lightning sundered the mast and the waves pulled her under. I Saw it all.” I moaned in dismay.

“Let Sister Urtring Look at you Maeve.”

Sister Urtring’s blocky form grasped me gently. She gazed deep into my eyes. I felt her Searching my being. I shivered and wept quietly in her arms.

“It was a True Seeing High Priestess. The Storm Petrol and all aboard her are gone. Maeve Witnessed it. She is going into shock, she needs warmth and rest.”

“See to her care Sister Urtring. Such a dire thing to See for her first time. Sister Farice, send word to Varyle Keep and to Belfield. The King and Duke Varyle must know what has happened
“At once High Priestess.”

I was bundled into my bed, the sheets warmed by hot bricks.

“Drink this child, it will help.” Sister Urtring held a steaming cup fragrant with the scent of herbs to my lips.

Obediently I swallowed the draught and let sleep take me.


In response to Writing 101: A Room with a View (or Just a View)
If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now?
Today’s twist: organize your post around the description of a setting.

I chose to write a fantasy fiction based around the description of the ocean during a storm.

  1. Elan Mudrow permalink

    Nice writing! I enjoyed it.
    check out:

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