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The Soul Of Destruction

September 12, 2014

I called it “Jaws. I didn’t actually own it, it belonged to a family I worked for over twenty years ago.  It was a 1950’s or ’60’s vacuüm cleaner. It stood upright. It was electric blue trimmed with chrome. It weighed at least thirty pounds. It had single baleful light centered above the three-foot wide head. It grumbled and roared even on the lowest setting. It loved to mangle rugs and greedily swallowed everything in its path, including the poor dog’s tail! It lumbered across the floor and lurched around corners, banging and crashing into the furniture. I hated it with a passion! It was the most annoying machine I have ever dealt with. The day it finally died I happily cast it into the garbage pile.

In response to Daily Prompt: Soulful Machines
Machines, appliances, and gadgets sometimes feel like they have their own personalities — from quirky cars to dignified food processors. What’s the most “human” machine you own?

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