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Marathon Of Death

September 12, 2014

1896 Olympic marathon. Public domain photo by Burton Holmes.

We ran to spread the word of war, we ran for our lives. Lungs pumping like bellows, muscles twitching with exertion, every bone and joint straining from effort, we ran. No one had ever outrun any of the Plague Survivors, but we were going to try. We three had been chosen because we were all former Olympic Marathoners.

We paced each other, running steadily. Aethon stumbled to his knees. Ioses and I turned to help him.

“Get up Aethon, get up! You must run!” Ioses yelled. The ragged, shambling mob trailing us lurched closer.

“Hurry Aethon, hurry!” I urged.

“I’m trying Nikias, but I’m so hungry.” He panted, his empty stomach growling.

“I know, but They hate us! If we stop to eat They will tear us apart! We must run!” We heaved Aethon back onto his feet and started running again. We left Them in our dust.

Humanity might triumph, but not without us Zombies putting up a fight!


158 Words in response to Flash! Friday-Vol 2-40, Dragon’s Bidibg:War.

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