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Fall’s Glory

September 9, 2014


Bright orange jewelweed pops
Sapphire blue sky, whispy clouds
Golden grains rustle
Harvest time, gathered bounty
Fruits of field, orchard, garden.

The migrating geese
Flying vee’s, loudly honking
Leaves changing color
Scarlet, yellow, burnt umber
Jack’O Lanterns grin widely.

Crisp chill lingers air
Frost dresses the landscape white
Walking, scrunch of leaves
Barren branches reach starkly
Grasshoppers no longer sing.

Trick or Treat, Beware
Halloween night, screams and frights
Creepy creatures prowl
Haunted houses, creak, moan, and groan
Costumed children wildly play.

Vernal equinox
The third-quarter of the year
Winter’s cold draws nigh
Warm coats and hats, snug blankets
Huddle together, hold tight.

Glorious colors
Feasting and giving of thanks
Beauty surrounds soul
Reaping memories of childhood
Circling dance of the seasons.


In response to Writing Challenge: Full Tanaka
Traditional tanka contain five lines instead of haiku’s three, and 31 syllables instead of 17. The structure is that of a haiku followed by two additional lines of seven syllables each: 5-7-5-7-7. (Many contemporary poets take liberties with the specifics, and you can, too.)

I choose to write my last six Tanaka’s as stanzas in a poem.

One Comment
  1. So colorful and vivacious. ❤ these to bits.

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