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Vampire In The City

September 8, 2014

Anonymity is an interesting feeling. No one can be more anonymous than someone in the heart of a big city. All those other people all around you, bustling about with their hectic schedules and busy lives, to frenetic to even see you as anything more than another obstacle to be avoided, ignored, and overcome. Existing as I have for centuries as one of the life-challenged (the current PC terminology for the Undead) I learned this lesson early and well. The best place to be alone and unnoticed is in the middle of a crowd. You can easily escape all but the most cursory inspection. My kind having been Hunted to the brink of extinction, close inspection is something I dearly love to avoid.

Mortals all think we’ve got it made, but it’s not easy being a Vampire. Sure you get eternal life and stop aging (no wrinkles, love handles, gray hair, or Senior Dementia for me!), but there are some pesky downsides like: an unending and unbearable thirst for Human blood; the loss of your soul (though I never noticed any difference); distinct allergic reactions to sunlight, silver, and garlic; and oh yeah, you cease to exist if beheaded or staked through your heart.

Cities provide a wealth of entertainment: movies, theaters, sporting events (the ice hockey always makes me hungry if there’s a fight), shopping (I found the most divine pair of shoes the other day and a gorgeous dress to go with them), dining ( yes, we can still eat food, we just don’t get any nourishment from it), the bars (drunks are such effortless targets and I love real Bloody Mary’s, they give me quite a buzz, I even bit a guy named Cosmo once!) and dating (occasionally you run into another vampire and some mortals are just too cute to eat). Cities also hold another strong attraction. A plethora of prey. There a so many people (all those different kinds) that a few scattered disappearances each year can easily be hidden and if you prefer to dine on the homeless poor no one ever even notices. The very best thing? My apartment is rent controlled! I pay a mere pittance.

In response to Writing Challenge: Build Your Own
For this writing challenge, let’s experiment: we’ll provide options for two key elements of your post — the setting and the opening line — and you’ll choose the ones you’d like to work with. Then, you can write any type of post, in any style or genre (fiction, nonfiction, poem, multimedia story) as long as you stick with these two details.

While you’ll all have access to the same options, we anticipate very different perspectives and takes among your submissions.

I chose to use the city and the line “Loneliness is an interesting thing.” I changed ‘loneliness’ to ‘anonymity’.

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