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The Culprit

September 4, 2014

HELLO! I’m back online again everyone! I’ve complained in previous posts that my phone line doesn’t like the rain. The last two heavy showers finally mucked it up but good. This time the static was so bad that my computer refused to connect and the phone finally died altogether. I couldn’t call out and no one could call in. It took the phone tech (once he finally showed up, the earliest they could send someone out to look at my line was a week from when I first called them, good thing I wasn’t in any kind of hurry to get the phone fixed and that I didn’t experience any kind of emergency while my phone was down) only ten minutes to find the source of my woes and repair it. A corroded electronics chip! Whenever it got wet it shorted things. The nice tech popped it out and replaced it. VOILA! Crystal clear reception and calling. Best of all it was inside the junction box making it the phone company’s responsibility so the repair cost me absolutely nothing! Now if I can just get caught up on my emails, there were over 200 messages in the inbox and almost as many in the spam.


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