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Back To The Stoneage

August 15, 2014

Vardezia, Georgia. Public domain photo.

John gave a shout of relief that was echoed by the ragged, straggling, drenched column of fellow survivors as he saw the gaping mouths frowning out from the mountain’s face. The ancient city carved into the stone that his grandfather had whispered of was real and not just a story. “Quickly, everyone! We have to be undercover before They come back!” He yelled urgently, waving the crowd forward. He swung his six-year old daughter onto his back and lent a hand to his wife toting the baby in her arms, helping her scale the water slicked rock. His followers scrambled gratefully into the beckoning shelter. Lightning strobed, thunder rolled continuously, and rain pounded down. He raised hating eyes to the sky, filled by the enormous storm created by the asteroid impacts and shook his fist in rage. “You may have knocked us down and driven us back into the caves, but we will not remain there!” He screamed defiantly at the Angels.

160 words in response to Flash Friday-Vol 2-36, 150 word limit (10-word leeway), Dragon’s Bidding: Include a thunderstorm.

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