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The Wolf At The Door

August 12, 2014

His was the last face I expected to see outside my door. I crossed my arms over my chest and glared at him. “What are you doing here?” I snarled, teeth bared threateningly. The late day sun threw a dark shadow across the yard. My sheep baaed uneasily in their fold as the light breeze carried his scent to them. My crook of solid oak rested out of sight just inside the doorway, ready to hand.

“Now, now, don’t be like that, ‘Peeps.” He drawled, all suave charm, which is what had got me into trouble the first time around.

“Don’t call me that!” I snapped irritably.

“Little Bo then, only you’re not so little now are you?” He smirked at me. His tongue lolled out from between his sharply pointed teeth. He inhaled deeply through his long muzzle. “I’d say that you’re a prime bit of female now, aren’t you?” He stood tall on his hind legs, his fur groomed smooth. “Maybe you and I can get together later, hmm?” He leered at my chest. His beady eyes gleamed lustfully.

I glanced down, my crossed arms had plumped up my breasts up over my shepherdess’ dress, hastily I dropped them. “So not going to happen! What do you want Wolf?”

“I’ve got a caper lined up that you’d be perfect for.”

I rolled my eyes in disbelief. “Like I’d trust you after what happened last time.” I sneered.

“Hey I did my part, it’s not my fault that your cousin Riding Hood wound up inheriting everything from your grandmother.” He protested.

“Sure, it’s not.” I said disgustedly.

“You should’ve checked the will first.” He chided me.

“That’s true.” I conceded.

“I imagine by now that you’ve heard about my lastest insurance scheme, the one with the houses built of straw, wood, and brick?” He said insinuatingly.

“That was you Big Bad?” I said impressed.

“None other.” He stated immodestly, buffing a sharp clawed paw against the bright broadcloth vest he wore.

“That was one sweet job. I could use some extra income.” I stood in deep thought for several minutes. Finally I sighed heavily. “All right, come on in and we’ll talk about it.”

He whistled sharply. “C’mon boys, it’s okay!” He yelled to the woods. The three pigs (no relation) were the first to emerge. They waddled forward, pork bellies waggling; followed by a woodsman, shiny axe sharply honed; a dragon whose wings flapped nervously, smoke trickling from his nostrils; and weirdest of all, a gigantic kraken, tentacles holding its slimy squishy soft body clear of the ground.

I nodded in recognition to the woodsman. He swept me a deep bow as did the pigs. “What’s up with the kraken?” I whispered out of the corner of my mouth.

“He’ll be responsible for our escape route.” Wolf replied.

“And the dragon?”

“He’s our diversion.”

“Some diversion, talk about overkill.” I muttered skeptically. “I can’t wait to hear this.” I lead our motley company into the cottage, easing the door shut.


498 Words in response to Finish That Thought #2-6, mandatory first sentence, 500 word limit, Special Challenge: No colors. Include at least one of each: Land animal, sea creature, winged creature. Include the name of a fairy tale character. Hint: Not Snow White (the color thing)


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