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Apple Pie

July 17, 2014

From the yeasty warmth of freshly baked bread to the clean, summery haze of lavender flowers, we all have favorite smells we find particularly comforting. What’s yours?

Nothing says “comfort and home” to me like the scent of apple pie: the sweetness of the fruit; the savory tang of the cinnamon; and the baked richness of the crust, all combine to make an amazing aroma. I am instantly transported back to my childhood, when I felt safe and secure, and everything was easy, black and white were sharply divided, the line between Good and Evil was clear, and shades of grey didn’t exist in my world. The ritual of cutting in the shortening; rolling out the dough; carefully laying it in the pie plate; peeling, coring, and slicing the apples, fingers sticky with juice; mixing the fruit with the sugar and cinnamon; piling it all in place; topping it with the upper crust, and making the cutout vents is relaxing. It brings back memories of crisp fall days winding down to winter and harvest dinners around my Grandmother Karn’s kitchen table. My family would gather there in celebration and homage to the season and its bounty. Apple pie is my ultimate comfort scent.

In response toDaily Prompt: Nosey Delights

  1. Damn, I can smell that apple pie! A nice cup of coffee would go with that…a smell I absolutely love

    • emilykarn permalink

      I don’t care for coffe myself, but a nice piece of sharp cheddar cheese however with the pie, nirvana!

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