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Close Encounter Of The Fifth Kind

July 6, 2014

I staggered as the whirling, spinning sensations slowly subsided. I gulped down a deep breath, swallowing my nausea. The sparkling lights faded from my vision and I began a careful examination of my surroundings. An orange tinged sun shone high overhead. The sky was a brilliant turquoise streaked with silver clouds. I stood on opalescent sand next to a rose-colored sea. The air was pleasantly warm and carried the tang of salt.I had been warned that I might expect to encounter some unusual things as the very first Extradimensional Explorer, however I was still boggled by the sight that next met my eyes.

A six-foot long Siamese-marked cat lounging on a beach towel, basking in the sun as it drank a bowl of miso soup framed by a huge spire-topped floating city was certainly not what I had expected. “Hello!” It trilled a raspy purr. “Welcome to Trinity.”.

“Thank you.” I stammered a little, taken aback, bad enough that the cat was man-sized, but for it to talk in my mind as well, it was a little too much.

“Which time/location are you from?”

“Earth, Sol III, Milky Way Galaxy, July 5, 2014.”

“Hmmm, never heard of it.” He mused. “I am Sool-Prart, Greeter of the Extradimensional Travelers.”

“But you’re a cat!” I burst out.

“Not exactly, I am a Scritchian, developed from a feline ancestry.” He drew himself up proudly. “I am no mere animal!” Scathing contempt laced its thoughts. “And you are?”

“Sorry.” I mumbled. “John Williams, Human, Explorer.”

“Let’s see, bipedal locomotion, grasping hands, omnivorous dentition, little visible body hair, of Primate descent correct?”

“Yes.” I admitted a little shame faced.

“Well, I won’t hold that you against you, though others might.”

“Thank you, I appreciate that.” I admitted humbly.

“I have waited for you since we first registered the buildup of X-Crom Waves in this sector.”

X-Crom Waves?” I questioned.

The pulses of interference created by the imminent arrival of an Extradimensional Object. They can be very dangerous.

“Oh!” I exclaimed. “We didn’t know that we would cause any kind of waves much less dangerous ones!” I said hastily.

“Most young species don’t at first.” Sool-Prart explained kindly. “Only time and experience will teach them.”

“I’ll be sure to mention it as soon as I get back.”

“Thank you, that would be appreciated, now as your people would say, it is time to “take you to my leaders.” He rose to all fours and trotted towards the city. I obediently followed him.

In response to Daily Prompt: An Odd Trio
Today, you can write about whatever you want – but your post must include, in whatever role you see fit, a cat, a bowl of soup, and a beach towel.

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