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July 1, 2014

Such strange sacrilege

Substantial sachems striving

Sacrificing sarcophaguial sabbaticals

Swinging sable sabers

Seriously sabotaging sweatshops

Sweeping sacerdotal sanctum

Sniffing sanguinary sachets

Sacking sacrosanct secretaries

Securing sadistic safaris

Scowling sagacious Sagittaria

Sniffing sage-crusted sailors

Salaaming salacious salamanders

Sucking salicin saltines

Sulphurously swearing secrecy

Saliently surprising Salmagundi

Sapiently sullying shadows

Salivating sour salmon

Sandals stomping seditiously

Satiring salubrious salvation

Shouting Saturnalia satyrs.


In response to Poetry Prompt #16-Alphabet
Pick a letter from the alphabet and write a poem –  so that each word in your poem starts with that letter.

I chose the letter”S” because that was the thickest section of my dictionary.


From → Challenges, Poetry

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