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June 27, 2014

Nuclear Winter Recon. CC photo by Paul Hocksenar.

Walter emerged from the depths of the cave, shuffling in his protective suit. His breath rasped loudly in the gas mask. He blinked rapidly, eyes watering. He had been warned about snow, but was unprepared for its glaring whiteness.

He froze, panting. The sky was so… huge. The horizon stretched  for miles. He swallowed nervously, grateful for the tranquilizers. He performed the relaxing exercises he had been taught. Slowly calm returned. He focused on his purpose. He extended the sensor wand, reading the results. He shivered reflexively as the cold air bite through his clothing. Mission accomplished, he eagerly trudged back into the close, comforting darkness.

“Well?” The General barked.

“The radiation is still too high .” Walter lied as the other scouts had for years.

“Just you wait! One day we’ll retake our rightful place on the surface!” The white-haired man growled impatiently.

Walter ignored his great-grandfather’s words. Only a crazy person would want to live in such a terrible place.


160 Words in response to Flash! Friday-Vol 2-29, 150 words (10-word leeway), Dragon’s Bidding: Patience

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