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The Days Of My Youth Are Dead

June 26, 2014

Old and young hands - two generations concept Stock Photo - 9432902

The days of my youth are dead,
the hours of my innocence were bled,
the pleasures of simple joys have fled.
Alas, too swiftly did I seek to grow,
and the seeds of discontent I did sow,
now my life is filled with misery and woe.
It is sad but all too true,
the best part of my life is through,
there is nothing left for me to see or do.
All worldly pleasures have paled,
my love of life’s beauty has failed,
the future is dimly lit and veiled.
So here is the lesson for you to learn,
for maturity do not too swiftly yearn.



From → Poetry

  1. this is so devastatingly beautiful in so many ways. I don’t know you and you don’t know me but in reading your poem i was eager for you to do something you enjoy, or something to make you realise that there is pleasure and joy in life no matter in which part of life you are.

    • emilykarn permalink

      Thanks for your encouragement. I was feeling morbid the day I wrote it.

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