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Sonnet To The Sea

June 23, 2014
The Ninth Wave by Hovahannes Aivazovsky

The Ninth Wave by Hovahannes Aivazovsky

Rock my Body Gently,
Thou Bossom of the Deep,
oh, Sweet Mother Sea,
Sing me Sweetly to Sleep,
with Thy Swishing Waves,
Thou Mistress of Fury and Calm,
which Threatens or Saves,
to my Heart Thou art a Balm,
Thy ever Changeable Nature,
Suiting my Alterable Moods,
Ranging from Safety to Danger,
I Love the Beauty Thy Waters Exude,
each Different Heave and Roll,
Exalts to the Center of my Soul.


***************************************************************************************** In response to Poetry Prompt #15 – Artistry This week: write a poem dedicated or inspired by your favorite painting. This paintingis my favorite  because I love the scope of the sea and sky and  the tension between the people on the mast and the water which threatens and the sunlight that provides a beacon of hope. Will they survive or perish? I come up with a different story each time I see it.


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  1. Wonderful write, it read like an incantation or a prayer, a plea. Looking to the painting, I have faith the people will survive and emerge stronger from their journey.

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