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Freedom Of The Press

June 20, 2014

"New crowns for old ones!" --Disraeli presents Queen Victoria the crown of India. Punch, 1876, by cartoonist John Tenniel.

She examined the drawing on the scrap of paper distastefully. “We are not amused by the arrogance of this… cartoonist.” The last word was with disgust. “Can nothing be done about this… abomination?” She asked in disdain.

“I regret not Highness, freedom of the press you know.” Her Prime Minister replied.

“Perhaps it is time We considered changing that” She said coldly.

“That would be… unwise Highness. It would cause considerable… unrest.”

“We are the ruler of The Empire That Never Sleeps, the greatest in all existence and We can do nothing about the press?” She exclaimed in disbelief.

“Not… openly Highness.”

“Ah!” A speculative light appeared in her eyes. “It would be most… pleasing, if something… unfortunate were to happen to that… man.” Her voice dripped scorn. “See that Our displeasure is made known.” She ordered.

“As you command Highness.” He bowed as she swept out, his mind busy plotting the ‘accident’ soon to befall the cartoonist.


159 Words in response to Flash! Friday-Vol 2-28,150 word limit (10-word leeway) Dragon’s Bidding: Arrogance.

Third Runner Up!

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