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Finding The Courage Thanks To My Dad

June 18, 2014
Writing 101

Writing 101

My father was a font of common sense and Yankee wisdom. Some sayings he borrowed, others were his own. He could offer something relevant for almost every situation. One of his phrases that made a big impression on me was: “You don’t know if you can succeed until you try.” I have used this advice twice with good results.

The first time was with my poetry. I started writing it in high school. In my twenties I joined a poetry guild. They had quarterly contests. My family thought that my work was good, but I wasn’t so sure. With my dad’s encouragement I entered one of the contests. It was nerve-racking waiting for the results. To my surprise I won Honorable Mention. Over the next few years I won a total of seven Honorable Mentions. I was also invited to submit a poem to three different anthologies published by the guild. I have two of the books. It was such a thrill to see my work published!

The second time was this blog. For three months previous to its start I dithered about beginning blog. Would any one be willing read what I wrote? What if nobody liked my work? Then I remembered my father’s advice. I gathered my courage, signed up with WordPress, wrote my first post, and with a trembling forefinger hit “Publish“. I can still remember the thrills I got when I received my first “Like” and then my first follower. It’s been just over a full year (13 months and 12 days to be precise) and I have 435 wonderful followers. I have won several awards and contests, learned new things, and made some friends. It’s been a wonderful experience. Thanks a lot Daddy.

In response to Writing 101, Day Thirteen: Serial Killer II
On day four, you wrote a post about losing something. Today, write about finding something. Today’s twist: if you wrote day four’s post as the first in a series, use this one as the second installment – loosely defined.

Serial Killer Part I: When Buying A Father’s Day Present Equals Placing Flowers By His Gravestone

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