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Battlefield: Abandoned House

June 17, 2014

Dead ants were everywhere. The army of corpses lay in windrows oozing ichor and twitching body parts were strewn about. The abandoned old house had become a battleground. The menacing interior was dim, musty, dusty, and literally crawling. The spiders held the heights, beady eyes staring malevolently, dangling on silken cords from above. Their sticky cobwebs swagged the corners and tented the ceilings. The walls were festooned with writhing clumps of insects. They swirled, parting and gathering, forming a living Kaleidoscope. A battalion of cockroaches scurried forth from the rusted water pipes. They rumbled around like tiny tanks, antenna waving. Grasshoppers and crickets leapt and bounded, chirping their calls. Bees, wasps, and flies buzzed and hummed evilly, darting around the rooms. Silverfish, millipedes, centipedes, beetles, and other things scuttled across the warped wooden floors. Hidden termites gnawed loudly.

“More bug spray Joyce!” The realtor hollered to his assistant, stomping his feet. The flashlight he held jinked randomly as he swatted his hands wildly.

Her purse banged against her side as twisting and turning she obeyed him. PHIST! PHIST! PHIST! Dozens of insects fell before her, bodies curling and twitching. “It’s not working Mr. Simmons.” She paused to vigorously shake the bottle of Raid. PHIST! PHIST! PHIST! She sprayed, spreading the chemical cloud, continuing the slaughter. “There are too many of them!” She shuddered, brushing a spider from her hair. Fumes stung her eyes and choked her lungs, causing her to cough.

A bee dive-bombed Mr. Simmons, dangerously close to his face. “I’m allergic to bees!” He yelled.

“Then let’s get out of here before you get stung.”

Quickly they retreated to the safety of the lawn. Panting heavily and sweating nervously Mr. Simmons stared at the house. “That is the worst infestation I’ve ever seen! I’ll never sell it unless..” He fell silent pondering the situation. Minutes later he straightened up. “Joyce, call the exterminator.” He ordered decisively.

“Yes sir!” She replied, dialing her cell phone enthusiastically.


326 Words in response to Finish That Thought #50, Special Challenge: Spiders.

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