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Childhood’s Home

June 16, 2014
Writing 101

Writing 101

The bicentennial of the USA. The little two-story house sat on a one-lane paved back road in the country with the nearest small town a ten-minute drive away. The white exterior paint was faded and chipped. It had three bedrooms. It was home to my family of six: Dad, Mom, a ten-year old sister, a seven-year old brother, a five-year old sister, and my twelve-year old self. We also had pets:  two dogs, four cats, and a rabbit. Sometimes it was claustrophobic. My sisters and I shared the large bedroom upstairs. My brother had the small bedroom. My parents claimed the medium-sized bedroom downstairs. There was a tiny bathroom. We spent the majority of our time either in the kitchen or the living room.

It was cold in the winter. We had a coal furnace in the cellar and a wood stove on the first floor. The ceilings were nine feet high. The windows were long, single-paned glass from the nineteen fifties. The house was drafty. The insulation was plaster and lathe. It was hot in the summer. We used fans. We couldn’t afford to install air-conditioning.

It was isolated. Four dwellings were within viewing range as the area was hilly. There was an empty house across the road. My grandparents house sat at the end of a driveway five hundred yards up the hill. The next was a quarter-mile away. It was tucked in behind a hedgerow of trees. The last neighbor was half a mile away on the gravelled side road.

We had a garden plot. Poplar and balsa wood trees provided shade. We were surrounded by mixture of fields, pastures, and wooded areas. We had a swing set. We had a large backyard were we spent a lot of time playing. It was nice.


Today, tell us about the home you lived in when you were twelve. For your twist, pay attention to – and vary – your sentence lengths.
In response to Writing 101, Day Eleven: Size Matters

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