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The Betrothal

June 14, 2014
Writing 101

Writing 101

The patriarch ruled over the family with an iron fist, whenever he said “Frog!” the only thing they dared to ask him was “How high?”

“Come!” The gravely voice barked in response to the soft knock.

The door opened and a slender girl slid into the study. Her mousey brown hair was scrapped back from her face into a tight bun. Her watery blue eyes were fastened timidly on the bare wooden floor. “You sent for me sir?”

“It’s time to discuss your future girl. You turn sixteen next Friday, correct?” The white-haired man wearing a severe black suit stared at her, looming darkly behind the desk in the  study. It was a stark room, lacking any softer touches such as window dressings, pictures, or ornaments. The only books lining the plain shelves were either religious tomes or account ledgers.

“Yes sir.” Rosalind shyly replied.

“You’ll marry your Cousin Cornelius that Saturday, afterwards you’ll stay home where you belong.” Her grandfather announced sternly.

“I’ve never thought of Cousin Cornelius in that way sir.” She quavered.

“Then its high time you did. It’s a good match for you, it’ll keep things in the family.” He rumbled.

She twisted the fabric of her faded cotton dress in her fisted hands and bobbed her head obediently. “Yes sir.” She blinked, swallowed and spoke nervously. “If you think that the family’s standing in the community is strong enough to withstand the all gossip and speculation I’m sure that you’re correct.”

“What gossip and speculation?” He growled.

She gulped and stammered out. “Well, well sir, Aunt Hortense explained to me two years ago, that the only reason a girl would get married, and drop out of school just six weeks before graduation, was because, well, ” she paused and whispered the last few words, “because she had gotten into trouble.”

“Blast it!” He exploded, his hard fist pounded the desk, rattling the glass chimney of the hurricane lantern sitting atop it. His face turned bright red with rage. “There’s no truth to that!” He bellowed.

She squeaked and flinched, then braced herself. “We know that sir, but others… may not want to believe it.”

It was silent in the study except for his heavy breathing. “Damn your eyes, you’re right!” He glowered fiercely. “Very well then, we’ll announce your betrothal to Cornelius next Saturday and hold the wedding the Saturday after graduation.” He announced sourly.

“Thank you sir, that will allow Aunt Hortense and myself  time to get everything properly prepared.”

“Leave me now and send in your Aunt Hortense.”

“Yes sir.” Rosalind scurried gratefully from the study.


In response to Writing 101, Day Seven: Give and Take
Focus today’s post on the contrast between two things. The twist? Write the post in the form of a dialogue.

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