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Manna From Heaven

June 13, 2014

“Incoming! Sector J167. Brace for impact!”

Thud. The tremors were felt throughout the colony.

“Report!” General FinxlyDwestria99567 shouted.

“Sir! The object is item PX1176549-WZ354: apple core, edible.” Scout HastQuordyLxn444234458 said saluting.

“Inform the Queen and mobilize the workers!”

“At once sir!”

The exact source of the food was a matter of fierce debate among the savants of the colony. Bitter, life-long feuds arose among the different factions. The Creationists held that it could only be a gift from the gods. The Accidentalists held that no one and nothing could deliberately form such a complex universe. The Alarmists pointed to the disaster five generations past when the food proved to be poisoned and nearly annihilated the colony. Everyone managed to agree that the bounty could not be ignored. After much shouting, shoving, and a few summary deaths the Creationists convinced the Queen and carried the day. Scouts were sent out. They tasted the apple core. When sufficient time had passed to prove it safe, the ants swarmed the manna from heaven.


In response to From A Photo Short Story Challenge – June 13, 2014

  1. Lovely tongue in cheek humour! Thanks for this lovely contribution! Bastet

  2. Omigosh — this is adorable! I love it!
    Of ants and men, right? 😉

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