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Molten Chocolate Cobbler

May 29, 2014

She’s not kidding about this recipe! I topped mine with Marshmallow Fluff. YUM!!!


Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness.

I have found heaven and nirvana and that gold watch I lost two years ago.

The bliss you experience with this cobbler is greater than any bliss you have ever experienced. That is no exaggeration. 

I’m not lying.

I’m still not lying.

It’s not opposite day.

It’s still not opposite day.

Confused yet? Good.

But seriously.

This piping-hot mess, with its gooey ooey center that slowly oozes a streak of dark chocolate warmth across your spoon.

This classic chocolate flavor, intensified by a hard ‘n crunchy outer shell that lends a perfectly crisp texture.

Words can’t describe this at all, so just look at the pretty pictures, follow my baking instructions, and say ahhh.

Molten Chocolate Cobbler

The thing I love about this recipe is its ease: no risk of ruining real chocolate (instead we use cocoa powder), and the crunchy-top magic…

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