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Cheesy Response

May 28, 2014

My response to this prompt is so cheesy
A stinking third-rate gym locker room
A veritable onion of unrhymed phrases
Layer after layer peeling back
But I’ll milk the situation
Squeezing my fingers tightly
For all that it is worth
I buttered up my brother
Slick-talking persuasion
So he’d drive me to the store
Spent all of my bread
Wish some of the money
Would stay in my pockets
Getting  new food supplies
Egged on by a nagging hunger
Stomach growling loudly
Who knew that a grocery list
Could become a poem?


In response to Poetry Prompt #11 – List
Use the last items you shopped for to craft a poem, while making every word you use have a metaphorical meaning.

Not sure if they’re metaphors, but the best I can do.
My grocery list: sharp cheddar cheese, gallon 2% milk, loaf whole-wheat bread, dozen large eggs, sweet cream butter, and yellow onions

One Comment
  1. Great! Love it!

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