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19 Reasons Why I Love My Cat More Than I Would A Boyfriend

May 27, 2014
Selleck 10 seconds later.

Selleck 10 seconds later.

  1. He doesn’t cheat on me.
  2. He doesn’t steal from me.
  3. He doesn’t abuse me.
  4. He doesn’t complain about my bad habits.
  5. He has soft fur that I like to stroke.
  6. He likes to cuddle on my lap.
  7. He isn’t a picky eater.
  8. He doesn’t drink alcohol.
  9. He doesn’t watch sports.
  10. He doesn’t reek of sweat.
  11. He doesn’t party with his friends.
  12. He doesn’t make fun of me.
  13. He doesn’t leave dirty laundry around for me to pick up and clean.
  14. It doesn’t cost a lot of money to take care of him.
  15. He makes me laugh.
  16. I can tell him all my secrets without worrying that he will share them with other people.
  17. Scientists have proven that pets increase good health.
  18. He’s good company.
  19. He doesn’t leave the toilet seat up.

In response to List Lesson This week’s challenge: create a list.


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