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Aka Steve Medlin

May 23, 2014
Letter boxes Area 51

Letter boxes Area 51

Steve Medlin (his current alias) had long ago discovered that the simplest plans were the best, thus his strategy for avoiding discovery could be summed up in just four words. Hide in plain sight. He made every effort to blend in seamlessly with the locals, adopting their mannerisms and faithfully copying their way of life. It had worked, he’d gone unnoticed for over fifty years.

He sauntered casually to the box and got his mail. The neon pink and hot orange striped envelope caught his eye. He tore it open and read it.

Salutations ~#%^@!,
This is to inform you that the rental fee for your Safe Spaceways Intergalactic Saucer is now seriously past due. Please remit immediate reimbursement or steps will be taken to repossess it.

How had a credit agency found him on a sixth-rate backwater planet like Earth? He wondered in frustration. The extraterrestrial swore, crumpling the unpaid bill in his fist.


155 Words in response to Flash! Friday-vol 2-24, 150 words (10-word leeway), Dragon’s Bidding: Include an unpaid bill.

  1. To hide in plain sight is to be invisible from life. An interesting existence.

    • emilykarn permalink

      Also an effective way to hide from creditors.

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