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Nature Walk

May 21, 2014

For this week’s challenge take a hike.


Yesterday was a beautiful spring day in the Finger Lakes Region of New York State. I decided to celebrate by taking a nature walk that afternoon. I strolled the long way to the mailbox. The sun was shining. The sky was a light blue hazed by wispy white clouds. The temperature was a comfortable 75 degrees. A gentle breeze wafted past my face. I gladly wore a short-sleeve white tee-shirt with pink flowers, a matching pair of pink cotton capris, and sneakers with light-weight ankle socks. I breathed in deeply. The air was filled with the heady aroma of blooming lilacs in shades of light and dark purple. Bright yellow dandelions popped out from the grass, some of them have turned into lollipops of fluffy white seeds waiting to fly away. Fat bumblebees hummed around gathering nectar, bold in their fuzzy black and yellow coats. Violets sprinkled the shady areas of the ground, dark purple, sweet and shy. A white cabbage butterfly fluttered daintily over them. Two kind of small blue wildflowers dotted the lawns, a pale one and a medium color. A shiny green-black horsefly dive-bombed my head, buzzing annoyingly.

I caught the scent of freshly mown grass. A downy woodpecker tapped against a tree branch. A few late red tulips leant a pop of color to several yards. A sassy bluejay scolded me from a wooden post. Red-winged blackbirds trilled their liquid songs. Drab brown sparrows chirped merrily. Black crows cawed hoarsely. A red-tailed hawk shrilled from the sky, circling on an updraft, scanning for prey. A few remaining crab-apple blossoms hung from their tree branches, deep pink petals trembling. A grey squirrel chattered angrily from the shelter of a newly leafed tree. The shrub at the end of my driveway shivered under a veil of small white flowers releasing a faint, sweet perfume. The neighbor’s dog barked at me. Traffic zipped quietly along the nearby highway. I had to use my emergency inhaler for my asthma when I got back inside but it was worth it.


In response to Blog Your Block

  1. Your spring sounds a lot like ours: lovely.

  2. I enjoyed this post. So many great details paint such a beautiful picture, I love the line ‘A few remaining crab-apple blossoms hung from their tree branches, deep pink petals trembling.’

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