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May 20, 2014

If my dad was willing to forget the last few seconds of his life, well then, so was I. A medium, I helped restless souls trapped on this plane cross over to the next. I wondered what twist of fate had given me the ability to perceive spirits and then made my father one of them. I sighed focusing my power, examining the glowing form that hung in his office. I sat on top of his desk, legs crossed, casually swinging my free foot. I wore a white tee-shirt and blue jeans. My father wore his favorite black suit and tie. An alcoholic bully, he’d been an s.o.b. in life and in my experience death didn’t improve personalities. “What are you doing here dad, I thought you said that all this supernatural stuff was malarkey?”

“Things changed when I died kid, I became a believer.” He rumbled in his gravely voice.”I need you to trace my footsteps for last week.”


“To discover why I was murdered.”

“Dad, a hit and run driver struck you.”

“It wasn’t an accident, it was murder.”

“Well who would want to kill you?”

“That’s the thing kid, I don’t know. If your mom were still around I’d blamed her, but she’s been out of the picture for over twenty years.”

“Yeah well, she’s got a good life now.” I announced with some satisfaction. “What about your expartner?”

“Barry’s a wimp, he ain’t got the stones for killing.” He said in disgust.

“Uh huh. Anyone else you hurt or cheated?”

“Nobody I can think of kid.”

“I do have a name you know, you could do me the courtesy of using it.” I was exasperated with him. He still couldn’t see what he’d done wrong.

“Sorry Cybele. Can you help me?”

“Sure dad, it’s obvious who killed you.”

“It is?”

“I don’t even need to leave this office. The person who killed you is close, real close.”

“Well who is it? I’ll rip them apart!” He swelled with rage.

“Not going to happen Dad, as a ghost you can’t effect the material world any more.” I said calmly.

“Tell me!” He demanded.

“You made it easy dad. You followed a very predictable routine. All the killer had to do was buy a cheap used car for cash and “forget” to register the title. A few minutes work with a screwdriver to remove the license plates then they waited for the right moment. You stepped out into the road, the killer stomped on the gas, released the brake and “BAM!” you were dead.”

“But why?” He whispered.

“The killer hated you with every breath they took. You made their life a misery. I did it dad.” I smiled coldly remembering the way his body had flown through the air to smash onto the ground, broken and bleeding. I stood and walked from his office.

“I can’t believe it, my own kid!” He muttered.

“Enjoy your death dad.” I shut the door behind me. Finally I had closure.


500 Words in response to Finish That Thought #46, 500 word limit, mandatory first sentence, Special Challenge: Include the words: fate, top, trace.

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