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The Fallen

May 6, 2014

They, that Fell from Grace,
a Fiery Trail did Trace,
Plummeting, Spiraling Down,
Stricken by His Mighty Frown,
Stripped Forever of Their Glorious Wings,
a Dirge the Heavenly Chorus Sadly Sings,
Seared by the Heat of His Gaze,
Their Souls were set Ablaze,
Dug They Deep into the Dirt,
to Conceal Their Pain and Hurt,
He Who was the Morning Star,
Dropped into Depths Far,
now in Hell Lucifer Rules,
Mankind is Naught but His Tools,
and The Bringer of Light,
Hides From God’s Holy Sight,
Angels No More,
The Devil Wages War,
Damnation does Slyly Creep,
Souls He does joyfully Reap
Satan is Easily Winning
Humanity is Fond of Sinning.



From → Poetry

  1. Oh, I love this one. Brilliant…

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