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Any Landing You Can Walk Away From

May 6, 2014

The notion was irrational, but when I became conscious of the fact it was already too late. Alarms blared and warning lights flashed on the bridge. “Danger. Danger. Planetary surface detected in close proximity. Planetary surface detected in close proximity. Excessive speed. Excessive speed. Incorrect trajectory. Incorrect trajectory. Crash imminent. Crash imminent.” The Star Searcher’s computer announced blandly.

My half-robotic partner, EC-03 tried to forcefully pull me away from the controls. “Captain Maddox, what are you doing?” He yelled fearfully. “We’re headed straight for the surface, we’ll be destroyed!” It was the first time I’d ever heard the cyborg express any kind of emotion.

Sanity returned in a rush. I frantically twisted the steering controls sharply upwards. The Star Searcher porpoised wildly. I grimly held on, gaining enough altitude to make a uie. Teeth clenched I wrestled her into the proper orientation. Hastily I reversed propulsion, slowing our fall. The engine needles quivered in the red, but she responded gamely. The ship clanged loudly as we banged tail first into the ground. I released my death grip on the controls and sagged back into my chair. Breathing heavily, I wiped the sweat from my brows with my left sleeve. “We made it, we’ve landed safely!”

“Are you all right Captain Maddox?”

“No EC-03, I am far from all right! I almost crashed the ship on an alien planet because a strange voice told me. “Come here! Now!”. I need serious medical attention.”

“That’ll have to wait sir, there are currently no medical staff available.”

“Just my luck.”

“What next sir?”

“Examine the Star Searcher for damage and call for help.”

Our fingers flew across keyboards calling up the ship’s status. “I’m afraid that we’re marooned sir, the crash warped the port engine beyond our ability to repair it.”


“Position located sir, one trillion parsecs off our original course. The homing beacon was destroyed in the crash.”

“Well, we sure can’t expect a rescue any time soon then. Good thing that we’re carrying a full cargo of food, at least we won’t starve.”

“I’ve never much cared for gringle worms or brambot berries sir.”

“Neither do I, there may be edibles items available on planet.”

“Scanning the planet sir. Results: a breathable atmosphere, potable water, and a variety of biota compatible with ours. It may not taste good, but we can eat it.”

Two hours later they were examining the surface. “Sir!”

“What is it EC-03?”

“Aliens rapidly approaching sir, lots of them!”

A horde of tall, slender gorgeous females flooded towards them. “Activate translator!”

“Men! they’re men!” The leader shouted happily. “We’re so glad to see you!” They surrounded us cooing and stroking our skin. “So big and strong!” She breathed hotly into Maddox’s ear, he recognized the voice that had drawn him here. “We’re sorry you crashed, but we’ve been alone so long.”

“What should we do sir?”

“Relax and enjoy ourselves. A planet full of lonely, beautiful women is every man’s fantasy come true.”


496 Words in response to Finish That Thought #44, 500 word limit, mandatory first sentence,  Special Challenge: Stars, space ships, planets, aliens, robots, fantasy. (Use at least three.)

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