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“Danger” Dixon: Detective

April 29, 2014

Adventure was always my favorite word, followed closely by avoidance.

“Danger” Deirdre Dixon: Dodgy Detective.

That’s what my business cards say, catchy slogan, huh? I’m experienced in all sorts of mayhem. If it’s a fight you want, I say. “Bring it on!” Bare knuckles, Marquess of Queensberry Rules, kung-fu, jujitsu, karate, kickboxing, judo, down-and-dirty street, or whatever, I’m your girl. I’ve tried all kinds of extreme sports: base jumping, wave jumping, white water rafting, snow boarding, rock climbing, cave diving, skeleton, and wingsuit flying. I loved all of them, the riskier they are the better I like them.

Just don’t try to romance me, uh uh, nope, no way, no ho!. That is so… not me. I do not do relationships, period, end of sentence, exclamation point. That’s where I draw the line, I avoid them like the black plague! I need to be the one in charge at all times and that’s what causes… problems. I’ve perfected the act of breaking up to a fine art. A case in point, my last boyfriend. I drove him miles into the desert one night and dumped him out wearing only his underwear. I tossed his cellphone onto the ground a mile down the road. What was his crime you ask? He brought me a card, flowers and candy for Valentine’s Day after I specifically told him that I did not want any of that stuff. I know, I know, I’m sick and twisted, but that’s the way I roll. I broke up with the one before him when I caught him cheating on me with another man. My one unbreakable rule is “If you’re with me, you’re with me.” I don’t share with other people, ever! I punished that one by locking him out of my house and donating all of his things to the Salvation Army.

So it’s extremely ironic that for my latest case I needed a partner, a male partner. I had to infiltrate a “spiritual enclave” to retrieve the runaway daughter of my clients. The problem was that they only accepted couples. Thus my dilemma, where, oh where to find a trustworthy male to work with? I needed someone experienced, yet willing to follow orders and that kind of guy is in scarce supply.

I turned to my friend Mel who runs the Backroom Bar. She has her ear to the ground and knows everything about everybody. She knew a guy who knew some guys. The next day I examined three candidates and found the perfect male. We earned our pay and rescued the girl. He worked out so well that he’s my permanent partner now. He’s well-trained, intelligent, obedient, quiet, and loyal. I named him King, he’s the best dog ever!


452 Words in response to Finish That Thought #43, 500 word limit, mandatory first sentence, Special Challenge: Add alliterating adverbs and adjectives to your adventure… One sentence must be fully alliterated.

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