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The Power of Knowledge

April 25, 2014

Fatima smiled widely beneath her all concealing burka, only her eyes were exposed. Some women complained about the traditional dress of their religion. Not Fatima, she treasured the anonymity it provided. Here she stood, not five feet away from her husband and he didn’t have a single clue that she was there! She held up the camera-phone and snapped the picture, she wanted to document this momentous day for posterity. Safwan spoke to the others. Hah! His every action belied the meaning of his name. She lip-read his words. “We’ll show these worthless sons of camels who holds the true power in this land.” He boasted. They nodded thier vigorous agreement. Fatima stepped closer to them. There was power in knowledge indeed! Her right hand reached for the trigger of her suicide vest. How much will the terrorists enjoy having one of their own weapons turned against them? She wondered, flipping the switch. Kaboom! Emily ***************************************************************************************************** 154 Words in response to Flash! Friday-Vol 2-20, 150 word limit (10-word leeway), Dragon’s Biddidng: Knowledge

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