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Shoreborn Part II: Spawn

April 19, 2014
Poinke Lake

Poinke Lake

“And in the fullness of time the Shoreborn shall return to the site of their conception to beget a new generation.”
The Book Of The Ever Changing Waters

The harbor lights drew him like a moth to flame. Restlessly the beast prowled the edges of the darkness. He hungered, but not for food. He didn’t know what he wanted, only that there was an clawing emptiness within him that demanded to be filled.

He heard laughter and shouts coming from the shore line. He raised his head from the water for a moment. Pheromone laden air hit his nose. His body hardened. Dimly Jordan Reede’s memories stirred within the beast. Suddenly he knew what he needed.

Silently he glided forward through the lapping waves. He found the group of teenagers playing in the ocean. Patiently he waited as the hours passed. There! One by one the humans retreated until only a single lone female remained in the water. Yes! She was ripe and ready. Swiftly the beast struck.

He pulled her under the surface, wrapping his body tightly around hers. She fought wildly at first, but lack of oxygen soon rendered her limp and helpless. The beast ruthlessly achieved his purpose. Slowly he surfaced, the girl’s lax body in his arms. Carefully he scanned his surroundings, assured of his safety he propelled himself towards the beach with powerful strokes. Gently he laid the future of his kind on the damp sand, just above the tide line. Need satisfied, he turned his back once more on the shore and with a flick of his scaled tail dove for the ocean depths.


In response to From A Photo – Story Prompt #5


  1. Wow! What a hair-riser…and so this is how it’s done. Seems that when i uploaded that photo, I forgot to change a typo…that should be pink lake…it’s lake Garda in fact, sorry.

  2. Suzanne permalink

    Oh that was creepy – very well written though – you had me hooked.

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