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Mad Lib # 1 Results

April 19, 2014

I didn’t get any responses for the Mad Lib from readers so I’ll be using my own words.

5 Adjectives:

  1. crazy
  2. little
  3. fancy
  4. gloomy
  5. happy

5 Colors:

  1. crimson
  2. turquoise
  3. obsidian
  4. saffron
  5. violet

5 Nouns:

  1. unicorn
  2. robot
  3. sorcerer
  4. griffon
  5. extraterrestrial

5 Verbs:

  1. ran
  2. crept
  3. hopped
  4. bounced
  5. pranced

5 Adverbs:

  1. slowly
  2. quickly
  3. loudly
  4. tellingly
  5. annoyingly

The crazy crimson unicorn ran slowly partying in the kitchen.
Beside it the little turquoise robot crept quickly jumping up and down.
The fancy obsidian sorcerer hopped loudly laughing in delight.
The gloomy saffron griffon bounced tellingly chugging a steins of beer.
And the happy violet extraterrestrial pranced annoyingly doing a victory dance.



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