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O Sweet Lover

April 16, 2014

napofeature4O sweet lover
Bringer of surcease
Deliverer of all
Visit me soon
Wrap me up tightly
Fierce dark embrace
Give me thy kiss
Taste endless peace
Let me know thy rest
Trail thy chill
Bony skelatal hands
Across my body
Goose-pimpled flesh
Whisper my name
Hollow voiced
Sepulcher ringtone
Silent tomb
Freezer-burn immolation
Swallow my soul
Powerful empty-eyed gaze
World ending disintigration
Blow thy gelid breath
Nape neck prickles
Take my heart’s
Final stuttering beat
Silence darkness ending
Come to me Death!



From → Poetry

One Comment
  1. I like ‘nape neck prickles.’ Well written!

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