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The Sacrifice

April 15, 2014

With every prod the fire crackled and danced, illuminating the night with vermillion flames. The volcano grumbled. Dark shadows capered threateningly against the jungle’s foliage. The barbaric, carved stone idols seemed alive. The heavy, humid air was rank with the usual odors of rot and decay, newly overlaid with the scents of blood and seared flesh. The normal cacophony of animal life was hushed for Heather, she existed in a bubble of stillness. Captain Thornton-Smythe lifted the red-hot poker from the flames, waving it in the air to cool slightly. “I’m going to ask you again Professor Hayesworth, how do you access the Temple’s Treasure Vault?” His voice was a silken thread of menace as he laid the brand against his captive.

Hayesworth emitted a shrill scream of pain and terror as his skin sizzled and burnt. “I don’t know! The Xionwyve Priests never wrote the key down!” The flames fascinated Heather, they whispered and spoke to her.

“That’s too bad for you Professor, if it’s the truth. Perhaps your daughter will be more…forthcoming.”

“Noooo!” Her father wailed. “Leave her alone! She doesn’t know anything!”

Thornton-Smythe smiled nastily. “We’ll soon find out. Bring her Brady!” He barked, easily slashing the professor’s throat. He reheated the iron bar.

Huge hands grabbed Heather’s shoulders, brusquely pulling her erect. “Get going, Cap’n wants you.” The brute growled, roughly shoving her towards the fire. Heather stumbled sideways, unbalanced by her bound hands. “Uh uh, none of that girlie!” He drew her to his body pawing her breasts, pressing her against his erection. His hot breath wafted across the nape of her neck. “You’re nothing to look at girlie, but you got all the right parts, maybe the Cap’n will give you to me to play with.” He leered meanly at her. Heather hardly noticed. Her attention was fixed raptly on the flames. Strange voices spoke to her from amidst the popping, flaring, flickers of fire.

Brady carelessly knocked her to her knees. Thornton-Smythe lifted the brand and laid it on her. Agony flooded throughout Heather’s being. Somrething broke within her mind. She was one with the flames! She opened her mouth and screamed. “HEAR ME! I CALL! AWAKEN! ARISE! COME FORTH! FEAST! FRESH MEAT WAITS! ALL ARE YOURS!”

Slap! “Stop that!” Brady’s voice was harsh.

Heather gathered a mouthful of blood from her split lip, carefully she spat it into the fire. The flames hissed and sparked, greedily consumed it. “BY THE BLOOD OF THE SACRIFICE I SUMMON YOU!”

The earth rumbled. The fire raised higher. The ground rolled beneath the men, tossing them into the dirt. The volcano erupted. Molten lava gushed forth in a flaming geyser. The ground split open. Firey tentacles wafted from the openings. The gathered together, streaming into the idols ringing the camp. Stone grated. Eyes filled with flame snapped open, with eerie groans the idols began to move. Jaws filled with rows of jagged teeth gaped wide. Razor sharp claws flashed in the firelight. Relentlessly they advanced.


499 Words in response Finish That Thought #41
Special Challenge: Include a cliffhanger.

Special Challenge Runner UP!

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