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Let Me Taste Of Your Lips

April 12, 2014

napofeature4Let me taste of your lips
Clenched tightly against the truth
Savor the bittersweet flavoring of lies
Dripping like dew from flowery petals
Falling from the abyss of your very soul
Flooding through my entire being.

Let me gaze deep into your eyes
Burning with a voiceless rage
Behold the endless betrayals
Rising up like a volcanic eruption
From the depths from your heart
Burning my self-worth to ashes.

Let me feel your arms embrace
Reluctantly accepting my presence
Sense the ultimate rejection
Pulsing forth like a severed artery
Spurting out from your body
Bleeding me with a thousand cuts.

O Love!
What has become of us
That we seek to rend each other apart
Ripping and tearing at our relationship
Cutting and slashing our faith and trust
Splintering ourselves into a million pieces?



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