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For Friendship’s Sake

April 4, 2014
Fire Breathers Singapore

Fire Breathers Singapore

Daeng drew in a deep breath and gouted out a huge mouthful of flame that shot skyward. The watching crowd oohed and ahhed.

“You are such a show-off!” Chantara thought sourly, matching her feat. The things you did for your oldest friend. The assembled mass of humanity stank bitterly of pheromones, sweat, and alcohol. She had been against Daeng’s plan from the start.

“Don’t be such a sourpuss.” Daeng chided her. “This show will ensure that we dine well, at least for tonight.”

“I’m sorry, you’re right.” Chantara acknowledged. Their traditional food sources had been in short supply in recent years. Mainly because of the increasing incursions into their habitats by Men. It was only just that Men pay the price for their heedless slaughter and destruction.

The two bowed, accepting the applause of their enthralled audience. They selected their prey, a pair of pleasingly plump women who waddled forward eagerly. “See, it was easy!”  Daeng exclaimed. The hungry dragons gulped down their meal.


160 Words in response to Flash! Friday -Vol 2-17, 150 word limit (10-word leeway), Dragon’s Bidding: Friendship

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