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Temporal Corrections Agency

April 2, 2014

“Putting Right what has gone Wrong in History.”
Temporal Corrections Agency Motto

The midget submarine was not designed for the claustrophobic. Tiny and cramped there was barely enough room for the crew of three to move around each other. Rusty McPherson stretched his lanky body carefully in the right-side copilot’s chair, ensuring that he didn’t hit the bulkheads or the roof. He yawned, scrubbing his hands through his close-cropped bristle of flaming red hair. Countless freckles dotted his dour features. His emerald-green eyes sagged tiredly. It had been tiring prepping the mission in such a rush. “Engineering systems check complete.” He said in his harsh Texas drawl.

Captain Derek Chase looked up from the central pilot’s seat mounted three feet ahead of the others. He was a striking cross between California surfer and Viking with his tanned skin, blond hair, blue eyes, and muscular build. He flashed an easy smile at Rusty showing his gleaming white teeth. “Navigation and weapons check complete.”

Dr. Therese Tagliano, the third member of the team entered the bow compartment. She moved her slender body of medium height gracefully. Serene, she showed her Italian heritage in her olive skin, brunette hair and brown eyes. “Temporal coordinates and historical data locked in.”  Her New England accent was clipped.  Therese slid into her left side seat, buckling into her restraints.

“We are rigged and ready.” Derek announced over the com to the waiting techs.

“Confirmed, Temporal Submarine Discontinuity ready for launch.” Dr. Hubert’s voice replied. “Initiating Temporal Rift in five, four, three, two, one, now!”

The submarine jolted, electrical sparks showered the bow-window. Agonizing pain stabbed through their bodies causing them to blackout.

An eternity later consciousness returned. Rusty groaned. “I’ve got the mother of all headaches.” He complained.

“I thought that was supposed to be my line.” Therese gently teased him. “Just be glad that water cushions the effects.”

“Time and location?” Derek inquired.

“One moment.” Therese typed on the science station’s console . “This computer is so antiquated.” She complained.

“Solid state systems with stand the shock of Time Travel better than Virtual.” Rusty stated pompously.

“Data received. Date: April 15, 1912. Time: 11:15 pm. Location: The North Atlantic Ocean.” She recited the results.

“On target. Begin scanning for the terrorists.” Derek ordered.

Fifteen minutes later Rusty grimly said. “Terrorist sub located.”

“Fire torpedos!” Derek shouted.

“Torpedos away.”

A minute ticked past. ” Locked on. Tracking.”

Two tense minutes elapsed. A faint rumble sounded in the water surrounding the sub. “Target destroyed.” Rusty announced.

“Therese, confirm Time Line Restoration.”

“Visual confirmation. Ship on course and time. How could they be so blithe about sailing into danger?” Therese wondered.

“They didn’t have the technological advantages that we do.” Derek replied.

“It’s still such a shame,  one thousand  five hundred people doomed to a watery grave.” She said sadly.

“You know as well as any other Therese, that even the least likely events can and do occur . We had to erase the ecological disaster that those terrorists caused by letting so many people live to have thousands of descendants.”

“I don’t want tos tay and watch this.” Rusty growled.

“Agreed, start Return Protocol.” Derek somberly announced. “Launch recording buoy, the historians will want to witness this.”

“Recording buoy launched, getting a solid signal. Return Protocol initiated, all systems go.” Rusty confirmed.

Sparks engulfed the TS Discontinuity and she vanished from that time and space.

Behind them metal grated against ice as the great ship met her fate. The RMS Titanic sank, taking her proper place in History as one of the greatest naval disasters.

RMS Titanic

RMS Titanic


In response to weekly Writing Challenge: Time Machine
What if you had a time machine? Use historical or fictional characters to craft an alternative history.

For more information about RMS Titanic go to:

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