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Fire Lord

April 1, 2014

It wasn’t the first time he had seen fire fall from the sky. The last time he’d been a twelve-year old on a camping trip with his family. A red-hot asteroid had landed in the trees not far from their tents. There had been a drought that year and the woods were tinder dry. The resulting forest fire changed his life forever. He lost his parents and his younger sister to the rampaging flames. Only his frantic dive into the cool waters of a nearby pond saved his own life. He gained a burn scarred back, a hatred of fire, and something else, something he never spoke of, not to anyone, lest they lock him away.

Hugh was a fireman. He stood six-and-a-half feet tall, had a buff body, fiery red hair and green eyes. Eighteen years later he watched as fire fell again. Instead of a single asteroid, there were hundreds and they were aimed at the city. He gathered his gear and headed for the station, every hand would be needed for this battle.

It was a nightmare. Asteroids bursting on impact, sending sprays of molten, hot rock everywhere. The city and its inhabitants were blasted, burned, and choked by smoke. Hugh raced in time and again, extinguishing the burning and rescuing the trapped. It wasn’t enough, there were so many he couldn’t reach in time. The entire fire department was stretched to its limits.

“Take a break MacRae.” Chief O’Grady ordered several hours later. Soot stained, sweaty, weary, and heartsick, Hugh was forced to obey. He sat down heavily, gulping water from a bottle and breathing deeply.

“Oh my God!” Someone screamed. “Look! There’s another wave of them coming!”

Blearily Hugh peered up at the smoke-laden sky. Sure enough, a second barrage of asteroids streaked trails of fire downwards. Something woke deep within him. *Enemies come.* A cold hard voice said inside his head.

“What the hell?” He mumbled bewildered. The presence that had been with him from that fateful day stirred and made itself known.

*ENEMIES COME!* The voice was loud and insistent.

*What can I do about it?*” Hugh asked.



*TURN THE FLAMES AGAINST THEM!* Instructions flashed into existence within his brain. It was so simple really. All he had to do was gather the heat and energy generated by the fires and focus it, just so.

Hugh manipulated the molecules and atoms, gathering the elements he needed. First it revealed itself as a shimmering ball of heat hovering several feet in the air. He pulled in more material. The globe ignited. He spun it, swirling it higher and hotter. The Firestorm manifested, a twisting, turning tornado of flaming fury. The funnel spouted skywards, engulfing the lowest asteroid. With a gout of flame, it melted into streamers of smoke. The Firestorm grew, ravaging each asteroid, dooming them to nothingness. Hugh’s eyes gleamed brightly with Pyrokinesis. He and the Alien Other screamed victoriously as one. “WE ARE THE FIRE LORD!”


495 Words in response to Finish That Thought #39, 500 word limit, Special Challenge: Include a really spectacular twist at the end.

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