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March 21, 2014
Foot Fetish

Foot Fetish

She had a certain flair, I had to give her that. She lounged back into the seat of the el, feet resting atop of the seat in front of her. Her shoes were shiny black leather pumps. I couldn’t help admiring the dainty turn of her sockless ankles. She wore blue plaid seersucker pants with a matching blazer over a lacy white tank top. Her trim, athletic body had just enough curves to make a man take a second look. Her short hair was dyed a light blond. Her fingernails were painted in a soft shade of pink that matched her lipstick. Her makeup was discrete. She appeared sweet and wholesome, like the girl next door. I knew better. I rose at the next stop, walking towards the door. Smoothly I snapped the cuffs onto her right wrist. This was one collar I’d been anticipating for a while. “Detective Brady ma’am, you’re under arrest for child pornography.”


156 Words in response to Flash! Friday-Vol 2-15, 150 words (10-word leeway)Dragons Bidding: Include a detective.

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