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When Legends Become Reality

March 18, 2014

She knew she shouldn’t have opened the basement door, but the crashing, smashing, banging, and hissing noises had been too strong to ignore. She sniffed, the basement smelled even damper and mustier than usual. The air was laced with the stench of sewage, there was also a strange scent she couldn’t quite place, similar to roasting chicken. With a trembling hand she flicked the light switch. Dim and flickering they came on. She stared at her basement in dismay. Hanging down from the ceiling, live electrical wires danced and sparked. Water gushed from a burst pipe. The concrete floor was already flooded several inches deep. The masonry wall in the back had been smashed open. Cinder blocks strewed the area. Filth dripped from a gaping metal tunnel behind the wall, plopping into the water. Her tool rack had been toppled over. A large, dark green mass lay beside the crushed remains of her furnace and boiler. She blinked, focusing her eyes. Blood oozed from the wounds slashed into its skin and charred spots marked the places where the electric current had seared its hide. It raised its large head, hissing at her. Carefully she switched off the lights, easing back and gently closing the door. Great, just what I needed! She thought sarcastically, recognizing it. This is New York City, the insurance adjusters will never believe this claim! She tiptoed over to her cellphone sitting on the coffee table in the living room. She dialed the utilities first, shutting them off. She jumped and winced, hearing more racket downstairs. She considered her options carefully. Lips set in determination, she punched out the digits of a former boyfriend from Louisiana. “Hello, Billy Bob, this is Sherrillynn, I’ve got a problem, could you come over with your tools and your rifle? By the way, do you know how to tan leather or happen to have any good recipes for alligator? Yeah, you heard me right. One of them just crawled out of the sewer into my basement. I’ll see you soon then. Thanks a lot Billy Bob, I really appreciate it.” She flipped the phone shut and sat down on the couch to wait.


Special Challenge Accepted
361 Words in response to Finish That Thought #37,  mandatory first sentence, under 500 words, Special Challenge: Include an urban legend.


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